Beautiful, sexy legs are an asset many strive to achieve through diet and exercise. But while dropping pounds and toning your quads can help you get fitter and stronger, significant weight loss often results in excess, sagging skin on the butt and thighs. If you’re unhappy with how your legs look and feel due to sagging tissues, a thigh lift can help you ditch the extra skin and get a leaner, smoother leg contour that you deserve.

How thigh lift surgery can help you love your legs?

Dealing with loose, sagging thighs isn’t just an aesthetic issue. When extra skin pools around the upper legs, it can make finding clothing that fits and flatters difficult, negatively impact self-confidence and comfort, and even prevent a patient from enjoying activities that call for bare legs, like swimming, tennis or even just enjoying a summertime walk.Thigh lift surgery removes the excess skin and lifts and reshapes remaining tissues to restore smoother, firmer and more slender thigh contours, helping you:

  • Fit into your jeans more comfortably (likely moving down a size or two)
  • Reduce chafing during physical activity
  • Restore a more flattering, proportional look to your lower body
  • Feel more confident wearing shorts, swimsuits and skirts
  • Take a few years off your overall appearance with more youthful-looking thighs

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Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Rieger (Learn More) performs thigh lift surgery at our private, accredited surgical center at Tampa Bay Surgical Center with general anesthesia provided by an MD anesthesiologist for your safety. With more than 30 years of experience performing body contouring procedures, he has the skill and aesthetic eye to achieve the improvements you desire with results that enhance your overall proportions. Dr.

Rieger will also explain all the details of thigh lift surgery and recovery at your personal consultation.